May 9, 2019

Speech Prime Minister of Curaçao H.E. Eugene Rhuggenaath
Michela Macchiavello – Benefits and Challenges of Migration
Gerardo Gonzalez – Las Islas útiles Causes and Opportunities of the Venezuelan Migration to the ABC islands and St Maarten
Norberto Rodriques – Migration in Aruba
Sharon Arnell – Migration on Sint Maarten
Flora Goudappel – Labor Migration: Legal and policy frameworks
Edwin Jacobs – Without Migration, There’s No Future
Ronald van Trigt- ATIA Migration in Aruba: the past and the future
Perspective of labor migrants
Bonnie Benesh – The Liberal Paradox of Migration
Rose Mary Allen – Framing and Reframing of Immigrants in the Dutch Caribbean Islands
Charles do Rego – Labor migration, diverging livelihood paths and development challenges
Antonio Carmona Báez – Migration, Borders and Higher Education for Development: Considerations for the Dutch Caribbean
Kate Hooper – Designing selection systems that can respond to labor market needs
Jan Rath – Promoting Migrant Entrepreneurship
Michael Watts – Canadian Economic Migration Policies and Programs – A Current Snapshot
Kelly Bendelow – Protection-sensitive migration: Understanding outflows from Venezuela

May 10, 2019

Michela Macchiavello – Overview of Labour Migration in the Caribbean: challenges and opportunities
Bonnie Benesh – Caribbean Perspectives on Effective Migration Policy as A Pathway to Resilience
Guido Rojer – Soaring like eagles or flocking with chickens: Caribbean policies on Migration
Gerardo Gonzalez – Experiences in Migration Policies for Venezuelans in Latin American and the Caribbean
Brendan Tarnay – Regional IOM Initiatives in the Caribbean

Highlights Migration Symposium 2019

Highlights Migration Symposium 2019. Migration and Socioeconomic Development. Policy challenges and options

Other documents

Building a life, building a nation. Facts and Faces of regional migration to Curaçao
Forward Home: The Power of the Caribbean Diaspora
Caribbean Migration portal

Breakout Sessions

Ieteke Witteveen – Human Rights Caribbean Foundation
Joeri Arion – The politization of the Venezuelan migration flow and re-evaluating citizenship
Kelly Bendelow – Livelihoods and self-reliance
Edwin M. Jacobs – Without migration the economy of Aruba can not grow

Outcome Breakout Sessions

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Moderator presentation outcome of Break Out session 1 – Day 2 Symposium
Moderator presentation outcome of Break Out session 3 – Day 2 Symposium

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