Press release

Participation SER at conference about migration policy

Willemstad, 25 January 2019 – This week, a technical delegation of the SER participated at the conference Social Innovation for Refugee Inclusion. This conference was organized in Brussels by the Migration Policy Institute Europe, the European Economic and Social Committee, the Mission of Canada to the European Union, and the United States Mission to the European Union. In lectures, panels and working groups innovative approaches for the realization of an inclusive community for both new comers’ and the local population were further discussed.  At the conference, an international group of local governments, NGO’s, trade unions, universities and international organizations participated. The participation of the technical delegation of the SER at the conference was in the framework of the preparations for the symposium about (labor) migration, which will be organized in May by the SER Curaçao with the cooperation of the SER Sint Maarten and SER Aruba.During the conference, many contacts were established for further exchange of knowledge and expertise.

In the pictures: an impression of the conference and the technical delegation of SER Curaçao consisting of Ms. drs. Barbara Perquin and Ms. drs. Sonja Boersma, both senior advisors.