So far, delegates from the following Economic and Social Councils of the CESALC Network and other institutions have received an official invitation for the first meeting of the CESALC Network in 2020


Argentina                        Economic and Social Council of the City of Buenos Aires (CESBA)

Aruba                              Social Economic Council (SER) of Aruba

Colombia                        Ministry of Labour of the Republic of Colombia

Costa Rica                     Council for the Promotion of Competitiveness; promoters of the Economic and Social
                                       Council (CES) of Costa Rica

Curaçao                         Social Economic Council (SER) of Curaçao

Dominican Republic       Economic and Social Council (CES) of the Dominican Republic

El Salvador                    Ministry of Labour and Social Security and the Higher Labour Council

Guatemala                     Economic and Social Council (CES) of Guatemala

Honduras                       Economic and Social Council (CES) of Honduras

The Netherlands            Social Economic Council (SER) of the Netherlands

Panama                         Council of the National Concertation for Development

Paraguay                       Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of Paraguay

Peru                               National Council for Labour and Employment Promotion (CNTPE) of Peru

Sint Maarten                  Social and Economic Council of Sint Maarten (SER)

Spain                             Economic and Social Council (CES) of Spain

Uruguay                         Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MTTS) of the Eastern Republic of Uruguay


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AICESIS                        The International Association of Economic and Social Councils and Similar Institutions


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ILO                                 The International Labour Organization