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Amid Complex Health Challenges, Curaçao’s SER Advocates for a Holistic, Stakeholder-Driven Approach in Healthcare


Willemstad, September 8, 2023 — In an era characterized by escalating healthcare challenges — from rapid technological advancements to evolving societal needs — Curaçao’s Sociaal-Economische Raad (SER), or Social Economic Council, has become a formidable voice advocating for comprehensive, stakeholder-driven solutions.

At the Renaissance Hotel on September 1, the Council took center stage at the Conference on Stakeholder Alignment in Healthcare. Organized by the Dutch Caribbean Foundation for Clinical Higher Education (NASKHO), the conference was a crucible for multi-sector collaboration designed to address the healthcare sector’s most pressing challenges.

Drs. Raul J. Henriquez, Director and Secretary-General of the SER, captivated the audience with an address that transformed the question of stakeholder alignment in healthcare from a scholarly discussion to an urgent call for practical action. “The ever-changing landscape of healthcare,” Drs. Henriquez asserted, “amplifies the necessity for cohesive interaction among healthcare providers, government agencies, and civil society.”

In a healthcare milieu rife with intricate issues, Drs. Henriquez highlighted the indispensable role of vigorous, bilateral consultations for formulating effective healthcare policies. The SER’s experience in its advisory role reveals the detrimental effects when stakeholders are inadequately engaged. Henriquez stressed this to underline the urgency for democratic, inclusive strategies in policymaking.

Expanding the conversation, Drs. Henriquez emphasized the need for reinvigorating Curaçao’s Council for Public Health (Raad voor de Volksgezondheid). He also proposed the establishment of a Health Authority of Curaçao (Curaçaose Zorgautoriteit), insisting that transparent, methodologically rigorous evaluations involving diverse stakeholders are essential for effective governance.

In sum, Mr. Henriquez reaffirmed SER’s unwavering commitment to a policy environment grounded in data-driven methodologies and empirical evidence. He urged for a policy framework that combines comprehensive research with democratic legitimacy, serving as a cornerstone for effective governance.

The subsequent accolades for SER’s intervention at the conference corroborate its burgeoning role as a change-maker in public discourse. The Council’s work has implications not merely for Curaçao, but also as a potential blueprint for stakeholder-centric healthcare strategies worldwide.

About the Sociaal-Economische Raad (SER)

As Curaçao’s preeminent advisory body on socio-economic matters, the SER is committed to fostering a climate of collaboration and consensus among a myriad of stakeholders. Guided by a steadfast focus on data-driven analytics and inclusive consultation, the Council aims to craft policies propelling Curaçao toward a flourishing, sustainable future.

About the Dutch Caribbean Foundation for Clinical Higher Education (NASKHO)

NASKHO is a vanguard organization dedicated to advancing clinical higher education and multi-sector collaboration within the healthcare realm in the Dutch Caribbean. Through its comprehensive suite of conferences, workshops, and educational programs, NASKHO endeavors to cultivate expertise, encourage research, and thereby contribute to elevating healthcare services across the region.