Press Release

New Members SER Curaçao welcomed

Working method of the council explained during an extraordinary meeting in Avila Beach Hotel

WILLEMSTAD, 20 April 2022 – During a specially convened extraordinary meeting of the Social and Economic Council (SER) of Curaçao, held on Thursday, April, 14, 2022, at La Belle Alliance in the Avila Beach Hotel Curaçao, the recently appointed new council members and their deputies were introduced. Six new (deputy) members will represent the employers’ interests in the SER, three new (deputy) members will sit on the council on behalf of the unions along with a new independent member.

The new employer representatives are Mr. Daniel Hodge (member), Mr. Julian Lopez-Ramirez (member), Mr. Robbin Martina (deputy member), Mr. Marcos Cova (deputy member), Mr. Ralph Ottenheim (member) and Mr. Wendell Bonafacio (deputy member). The new union representatives on the SER are Mr. Kenneth Bremer (deputy member), Mr. Richinel Ilario (member) and Ms. Adriëla Job-Dirksz (deputy. member). The newly appointed independent member is Mr. Royston Sling (lawyer and pension expert).

During the introductory meeting, the new members and their deputies were given a further explanation of the way the board operates and of relevant procedural aspects associated with SER membership. In addition, discussions were held with the current members on the latest socio-economic issues.

On the picture:
From left to right on the front row:  Mr. Robbin Martina, Ms. Adriëla Job-Dirksz and Mr. Daniel Hodge;
From left to right on the backrow:  Mr. Wendell Bonafacio, Mr. Marcos Cova, Mr. Richinel Ilario and Mr. Royston Sling.