Press release

Secretariat SER at Legislative Chain consultation Legislation

WILLEMSTAD, 31 October 2019 –Prime Minister Eugene Rhuggenaath, who is also in charge of General Affairs portfolio, sat down for the first time in the large meeting room of the Cabinet of Ministers in Fort Amsterdam with all stakeholders who are involved in the process of law making and regulations, including with the Secretariat of the Social and Economic Council (SER). Thus, the Prime Minister gave the green light for the first Legislative Chain consultation.

Besides the officials of the Secretariat of the SER, government servants of the Legislation Department and Legal affairs (WJZ), the secretary of Parliament, the Cabinet of the Governor, the Advisory Board and the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers were also present.

The Legislative Chain Consultation (in Dutch: Ketenoverleg Wetgeving) was installed in accordance with article 4 of the National decree of the Platform for Legislative and Chain Consultation (P.B 2018, no. 20). This article stipulates that these bodies meet at least twice a year to improve the quality of legislation and process control. Essential agreements were made in the Chain Consultation to achieve that goal.

The fact that Mr. Rhuggenaat inaugurated the first meeting of the Chain consultation has to do with the fact that in his capacity as Minister of General Affairs is responsible for law- and regulations and legal affairs.

In the picture: the stakeholders involved in the process legislation in consultation with the Prime Minister.