Press release

Highlights Migration Symposium 2019 

Willemstad, 26 August 2019 – During its preparatory meeting on Friday 23 August 2019, the Social-Economic Council (SER) extensively discussed on the highlights of the Migration Symposium that was organized by SER Aruba, SER Curaçao and SER Sint Maarten on 9th and 10th May 2019. The highlights have been posted on the website of the SER ( where all presentations by the speakers can also be found, as well as the reports of the breakout sessions. With the insights, knowledge, and networks obtained, the SER intends to follow up on the symposium by conducting an exploratory study into the functioning of the formal and informal labor market, the role that current migration policy plays in this respect, and the sustainability of the social and economic system in the short- and medium-term, given the size and nature of possible demographic and technological developments. The study will lead to concrete recommendations in the field of labor migration policy seen in conjunction with labor market, education and population policies.

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