Press release

SER advises on tax benefits for the online gambling sector


Willemstad, March 14, 2024 – The Social Economic Council (SER) of Curaçao on March 13, 2024, issued an advisory opinion to the Minister of Finance of the Leeward Island on a proposed national decree that seeks to revise the National Ordinance Fiscal Facilities for Investments (LBI). This initiative by Minister Silvania, driven by the need for economic diversification and driving investment, proposes to include the online gambling sector within the tax incentive framework of the LBI.  

The draft country decree highlights the potential of “remote gaming” to contribute to Curaçao’s economic growth and overall well-being, in line with strategic national policy documents. This move could not only attract new investments but also strengthen existing economic sectors and positively affect the socio-economic dynamics of the island. 

Recently, the SER, the tripartite advisory body, that advises both the government and the Parliament of Curaçao, has made several important recommendations regarding proposed laws and regulations for the online gambling sector.